Still, You

It’s just like me to be defensive

even though I know your heart is for me

or is it?


I am messed up… No lie

I am insecure and broken

you see me, you know me.

Still, you break me


more and more I could no longer feel

the beat in my heart. Screeching,

It beats to no melody

Still, you crush me


every single piece of me

All pieces falling to the ground

laid bare and helpless before you, and,

Still, you purge..


I cringe, I twist and turn

but you hold me gently, wisely, strongly

I scream, I let out a shout of discontentment.

Still, you crush me.


Your dagger pierces through my in-depths

I beg you to stop, I cry out of my own frustration

My defenses all let up!

Still, you press on.


Deeper and deeper

I’m sure there is no more.

Still, you crush, break, purge…

and I am no more.


You only.





Hey there,

I know that it’s been too long and I am truly sorry for the silence. But fret not I have been writing. Posts will come soon.

For now I’d like you to check out a conference that’s coming up in May. Click here to view more details, i.e registration, schedule and resources available.

Hope to see you there.






Hate that Flesh

Hate that flesh, o Christian
For it is never satisfied,
Its very heart is deceitfulness
Its bitter end, eternal death.

Hate that flesh, o Christian
For in it nothing good dwells
Its pleasure is sin
Its bitter end, eternal death.

Hate that flesh, o Christian
May this be your greatest delight
To put to death its wretched ways
And your joyful end, eternal life.

To Love.

To Love,
Deeply without having to touch
insanely without having enough
crazily as if this is your last
without being ones burden
keeping away from idolatry!

Passionately,in pursuit of one another
in trust that He keeps us together.
Praying, for each other
Marveling at His grace and faithfulness.
Forever, rejoicing even in pain and sorrow
because He lives, we can face tomorrow!

Treasuring Him together,
because He is better, He is worthy.
That only He has our affections
that the love we have,
only flows from that which He graces us with,

to Love.

Perfidious Maiden

Ah yes, the day we met.
You walked and they all stared.
Your beauty stole their lustful eyes
Shame, yes, shame.

They all are shameful.

You my lady, walked gracefully.
my heart beat matched your rhythm.

Captivated. Taken. I was yours.
I had to make you mine!

Who is she?
My friend matched my gaze.
“Who, that?”
Yes that, I mean her?
“That’s just some woman,
Keep your eyes off her, she’s a soiled dove.”

My heart gave.
I was sold!

We met,
I asked for your hand.

Yes, you my lady.
“You are just like the rest”
No, I am not.
“What difference is there?”
I want to marry you.
Yes, you my lady.

I was told who you are,
and have seen, pondered the implications.
Counted the cost, weighed the loss.

I asked for your hand.

“Why me?”
I love you.
“Why not the rest?”
I choose you.

You questioned.
I answered.
You agreed, albeit, holding back.
Fear and doubt,
lay in your heart.

I gave you my ring.
my love, my everything.

“Why me?”
I love you.
“Why not the rest?”
I choose you.

I took you home.
Your sick soul, I nursed.
You drank my wine, and I yours.
we shared the pain of restless nights,
and danced in the joy of peaceful sunlight.

I am yours and you, my lady,
You are mine.

Ah yes, the days you’ve left.
Going back where I found you.
Again I have always come for you,
yet you don’t understand
the cost of my love.
You walk in their lustful eyes
and drink of their shameful wine,
you betray my name.

I ask for your hand.

I am broken over your whoring heart.
Disgrace what is mine,
and sell it for not a dime.
Your mouth is full of lies,
you trust in your beauty, playing the whore.
I burn with jealousy for you, my bride.

I ask for your hand.

Come, my lady,
come away with me.
See the creatures of the earth,
I love you so much more than these.
Why will you die, my lady?
drink from my well of forgiveness.
You shall forget your shame
all the treachery you have practiced against me.

I have come for you, my lady,
will you drink the cup of my discipline?
or the cup of my judgement?